Artra Condo – Alexandra View Road Redhill MRT Station by Tang Group

Artra Condo – Alexandra View Road beside Redhill MRT Station. By Tang Skyline Pte Ltd

Facility Podium at Artra Condo Redhill MRT

Deciding where to live can be a challenge. There are many considerations that have to be made. When you decide to move to a new place or buy a certain house, many challenges present themselves that require you to face. Anyone who has had experience moving to a new place will tell you that moving to a new place after living in another that you may have grown accustomed to will present its own advantages and disadvantages.

Artra Condo Facility Podium Redhill MRT Station

This can be a bit of a challenge because it may seem as a bit of a dice roll as you are not familiar with the challenges available in the place and the type of neighbourhood that you are moving into. However, certain estates are filled with all the services that you may need and all the security you require in a neighbourhood. There is a facility podium that is located at the development which provides a venue for some family gathering. One of these places is the Artra Condo. Artra condo might just be the perfect new home for you and the most profitable investment that you might ever make.

Artra Redhill Alexandra View Tang Group

Artra condo is located in Alexandra view, Singapore. This new upcoming condo is surrounded with a range of necessary and most advanced services you may require including a very advanced and high quality supermarket and child care center. There is a high ceiling family podium The residential property is developed by Tang group which is known to provide the most luxurious homes for many people. The land’s location has been properly picked with the Redhill MRT station located right next to it which makes it very easy to access.

Tang Skyline City Fringe Condo City Living

In addition to this, Artra condo has been equipped with the most luxurious facilities including a very large swimming pool which has a pool bar and a barbeque area dedicated for meetings and functions and not to forget, a very high end and fully equipped gym for people who care about physical fitness.

The land is supposed to have 2 plots. One of the plots is 8,398.5 m2 and the other is approximately 30.8 m2. This land is very huge with the approximate number of storeys being built being 43 which is very high. Artra Condo is also expected to have approximately 400 units covered. However, even though this land is completely efficient with easy accessibility to the most required facilities, there are only a few bidders who have presented themselves for bidding, 10 in number to be exact. This is probably because of the high price that has been set for Artra condo.