Artra Condo – Alexandra View Road Redhill MRT Station by Tang Group

Artra Condo – Alexandra View Road beside Redhill MRT Station. By Tang Skyline Pte Ltd

Great Interest from Buyers Seen at Artra Showflat

Imagine a place that blends different ambiences. Imagine a place ready for you to settle and conceive the life as you planned. Nowadays we seem to waste time in every decision we make just to find out that we are not really committed to them since we don’t focus on what’s important. We lack the time and energy to engage with our environment and feel at ease with the place we decide to settle in. Based on the showflat turnout for Artra Redhill MRT, there seen great interest for the development at Redhill MRT Station.

Great Interest Seen from Buyers at Artra Showflat

Whenever you are looking for a place to either rest or indulge yourself, or if you are coming to window shopping or touring the Tiong Bahru Plaza you will gaze the new luxurious fringe that would reunite all that you wished for in one single place. With an unparalleled location in Singapore, Artra Condo brings life to the up and coming town Redhill by enhancing a well diverse offer of amenities and facilities that would make anyone envious of your new lifestyle. No more time wasted on the road or looking for a parking spot since everything is at hand and a couple of steps from your new home.

Artra Showflat Packed with Buyers

Surrounded by well developed areas and MRT stations, either you choose the Alexandra Road or the Tiong Bahru Road facing, the views and the serene environment would still amaze you. Nonetheless, the new connections at Artra Alexandra View that you will make at the family pool or the playground will put at ease your mind and actually will slow down your urges to leave.

Artra Tang Group Redhill MRT Station

You will have something unique and ready to welcome you with your multiple activities either if you are celebrating your child’s birthday, having a romantic date with your spouse or closing that new business deal that you’ve been working hard for. The optimistic and rising interest around Redhill make the Artra Alexandra View by Tang Skyline a new must for an upbeat and modern lifestyle with a profound respect for the tenure where you will coexist with people like you: engaged citizens who want to make the most out your time, place and work.

Whatever values you hold for, you will find them here since you will ensure your investment at the developing of a brand new and glamorous place located at an strategic and ever-evolving town. There will be no more excuses for the lifestyle you wanted for so long. You will be sure to enjoy life in a different way. The most recurring decision you would do now that you are settled will be where to go and spend time with the ones you love.