Artra Condo – Alexandra View Road Redhill MRT Station by Tang Group

Artra Condo – Alexandra View Road beside Redhill MRT Station. By Tang Skyline Pte Ltd

Valley Point Shopping Centre

The Valley Point Shopping Centre in Singapore is a great place for anyone that is looking to shop and enjoy the different shipping experiences. This shopping center has everything that a person could want. There is plenty of shopping ,food, and this is the eliminate shopping experience. In addition to shopping this centre has many additional services.

Shopping Centre at Alexandra Road

A person can get their photos processed next to Tang Skyline Artra, get their laundry washed and drives, and get basic medical services as well. There is even a supermarket in this shopping center so a person can purchase the food that they need for their house. The Valley Point Shopping Centre is convenient for customers and they can get everything they need taken care of in one place.

Artra Condo by Tang Skyline

For those that enjoy reading there are some book stores located at this shopping centre beside Artra Redhill MRT by Tang Skyline. They can find the latest releases as well as the classics. There are plenty of places to stop in for a quick bite to eat or a tasty treat. There are local dishes as well as international dishes. There are even full service restaurants at this shopping centre. This is something for every taste. After a good meal or a quick snack a person can visit any one of the beauty centers that are located within this shopping centre. They can get their hair done by some top designers and look their best. There is even a pharmacy so a person can their medication before they head home from shopping.

Valley Point Shopping Centre

Tang Skyline Condo

The Valley Point Shopping Centre has everything that a person can want and more. There are a number of shops ranging from the latest in design to home goods. This shopping centre is great for local people as well as those that are in Singapore on vacation. This is the ultimate shopping experience.